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R P Balanced Health : Occupational Health services 

R P Balanced Health provide tailored solutions for our customers by taking an Organisational  and Individual approach to the management of work related Musculoskeletal disorders and Stress, the  two  main reasons  for sickness absence in the UK. 

The Costs of absence

To  business  : Time lost in production , loss of skills , time managing absence 

Knock on effect to teams: covering colleagues, pressure, business continuity

The Individual  : Loss of confidence , potential loss of income ,anxiety & depression 

Reactive services 

Early intervention and work focused health care is the key to success and has significant benefits for both employees and employers including  :·       

  • Improve safety, comfort and performance      
  • Treat conditions leading to  or risking sickness absence·       
  • Provide timely advice on work-based accommodations and adjustments ·       
  • Addressing biopsychosocial factors e.g.  reducing fear and avoidance, increasing confidence
  • Provide reports guiding sustainable return to work plans.

Services include : ·       

  • Case management  
  • Occupational Heath reporting 
  • Workplace assessments both industrial and office based
  • Return to work plans
  • Advice on reasonable adjustments
  • Treatment services to include hands on, home exercise programs , acupuncture
  •  Strengthening and conditioning
  • Self-management
  • Postural management
  • Identifying potential barriers and  goal setting
  • Rehabilitation  

Preventative services 

We provide tailored solutions to tackle a range of challenges and to enhance employee wellbeing and ultimately  business health : 

  • Corporate wellbeing days offering Pilates, Nordic walking , stress buster workshops , sports massage
  • Onsite treatment services 
  • Stress management & Resilience training for management 
  • Stress management & resilience workshops for staff 
  • Ergonomic DSE assessments 
  • Ergonomic projects e.g. new office moves or a process

Training Services    

  • Stress management & resilience training full and half day for management 
  • Stress management for employees ·       
  • DSE train the trainer 
  • Manual handling training bespoke to business. ( IOSH approved